We are dedicated to finding scientific solutions to ecosystem health issues facing the Salish Sea. When you donate to SeaDoc, you are supporting cutting edge science that will help protect the Salish Sea for future generations. The vast majority of our work to save this ecosystem is fueled by people like you.

You can make a one-time or monthly recurring donation. All donation are tax-deductible as allowable by law. (Tax ID: 94-6036494). Your online gift to SeaDoc will be made through the UC Davis secure giving website and will support the work of the SeaDoc Society in the Salish Sea.


Make checks payable to The SeaDoc Society and mail to:

The SeaDoc Society
942 Deer Harbor Rd
Eastsound, WA 98245


Call our office at 360-376-3910.


The SeaDoc Society’s WildLifers Club recognizes the extraordinarily generous individuals, families, businesses, and foundations that support our programs with gifts of more than $1,000 in a year. The WildLifers are the backbone of our program. Join us in celebrating and honoring their generosity and leadership.

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Once you’ve taken care of your family, legacy gifts let you take money that would have gone to the government in taxes and instead direct it toward organizations and causes you care about. Details depend on your individual financial situation, so it’s important to seek expert advice.


  • A legacy gift made possible our groundbreaking multi-year project to find the cause behind the ecosystem-wide decline of many marine bird species in the Salish Sea. It allowed us to hire a world-class scientist to bring collaborators together, evaluate decades of marine bird status data from the US and Canada, and identify the common factors behind the decline of bird species. This is now being used to recover multiple bird species at the same time.

  • A legacy gift funded the Salish Sea Science Prize. This prestigious one-of-a-kind award is given every two years to a scientist or a group of scientists whose scientific work has made a real and measurable difference in improving the health of the Salish Sea and its marine wildlife.

  • A legacy gift supports SeaDoc’s undersea habitat mapping laboratory, which improves our ability to protect important species like forage fish and rockfish.

  • Legacy giving can help grow our Pacific Northwest Endowment Fund, which helps secure the long-term future impact of the SeaDoc Society.

IT makes a difference for you too:

Legacy giving can provide important tax benefits, including a charitable income tax deduction or savings on capital gains taxes. Gifts can be structured to give you lifetime use of your property or lifetime income from your investments.

Join our Legacy Giving Circle:

SeaDoc Board members, donors, and staff have already made planned gifts to the SeaDoc Society. Join our efforts to improve the health of marine wildlife and their ecosystem by making a planned gift to the SeaDoc Society.


Many types of planned gifts are possible, including bequests, charitable gift annuities, gifts of real estate, charitable remainder trusts, and gifts of securities. Give us a call at (360) 376-3910 and we can connect you with one of the development professionals at the University of California at Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine. The University’s experts in gift planning can help you understand which options work best for your situation.